Friday, June 24, 2005

Go the All Blacks

Just sitting here listening to my new CD. I haven't bought a CD in years, mostly because I hate all this modern manufactured music - but I bought Kelly Clarkson's new album Breakaway. It's awesome. I think I feel another purchase coming on tomorrow too - I love Dave Dobbyn's (Kiwi singer) new song Avalable Light. I'll probably spiral into a CD buying spree now to make up for the years I've missed!

Does anyone else out there have an iPod? I've had it since January and it is a bit hit and miss with getting songs on there with their titles. If anyone could direct me to a website like 'iPods for Dummies' I'd be most appreciative. I think of myself as pretty computer savvy, although no expert, but I haven't got the iPod down pat yet. I did have some problems in the beginning because the CD that came with it was a bit of a dud according to my OH, so we downloaded a newer version of the software from the Internet which helped heaps. I've got about 200 songs on it so far, so when I become an expert I can fill up the other 9800 songs it reckons it can hold!

I'm making slow progress with the penguin RR, but I took the head staggers tonight and did all the housework so hopefully it will leave me more time to stitch tomorrow afternoon before my family come around for the rugby.

Have a great stitchy weekend!

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