Saturday, May 28, 2005

Kitty capers

If anyone knows how to end the cycle of your cats being picked on by other cats, please share with me! My two cats (who are just over a year old) have been coming home with bites and scratches on a regular basis for quite some time now. We have stopped putting food out during the day when we are at work, which was part of the problem, but they still come home with scratches and bites. Giggsy is the latest victim... fortunately, we've caught all but one bite before it abscessed (that was poor Meg!). I think I should quit my job and stay at home to look after them, but I am sure my OH would never agree! :o) haha

I managed a little progress on Lady Leona this week. I had intended to do some stitching this afternoon after I had done some housework. But one thing led to another and the house ended up being spring cleaned near enough! So tonight I thought I'd catch up on some blog reading and writing while my OH watches the Super 12 rugby final (he thinks I hate rugby season, but I secretly love it because it means more time for stitching!), and then maybe I'll get started on an RR I am participating in. I've had it two weeks and haven't even started looking to see if I have the necessary threads yet. Bad me!

Have you been following the Schappelle Corby case - the Australian lady sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in a Balinese jail? My overwhelming feeling is that she is innocent, and I think most people would agree with that. You would think that surely there must be something more that can be done for her? It hasn't put me off going to Bali, as Bali had already put me off going to Bali!!! It's a place that many people say you either love or you hate - and unfortunately, I wasn't one of the ones who fell in love with it. Ever so fortunately, we missed the Bali bomb by a few weeks - lucky for us or what?

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, I'm off to catch up on some blog reading!

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