Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Cross stitch magazine junkie

No luck tracking down the Cross Stitcher (US magazine) at another shop today. However, I did come out with a copy of the March issue of Cross Stitcher (the UK one). It seems when I'm on a mag mission that I can't come away with nothing!

However, it's another fairly disappointing issue, with not a lot in it taking my fancy. There's nothing worse than feeling like you've wasted good stash money! I might subscribe to Just Cross Stitch and avoid magazine shops in future! I don't even like the new look Stitchers World, it seems different from past issues. Maybe the problem is all me - I've just bought too many magazines and I'm getting fussy!! :0)

Have any other readers of the UK magazines noticed the same penpal advert in the UK magazines over and over and over for at least the past four years? I guess the person is either still looking, or loves having hundreds of people to write to. I used to have penfriends, but these days don't even write to people who I really should (such as friends and family).

I haven't stitched much on Lady Leona this week, but I am off to put in a few stitches before bed.

Happy stitching!

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