Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Hello, welcome to my blog! :-) I hope this will make interesting reading for fellow stitchers, animal lovers, photographers, iPod owners and the general blog reading world.

It's hot here in NZ. The sun ain't shining today, but it's muggy... I swear with all these earthquakes we've had lately that we've been moved closer to the tropics!

I had a good stitchy stash day yesterday... went out and bought the latest copy of Stitchers World, an American magazine I discovered a few months back... the 3 or 4 issues I have are crammed full of gorgeous projects. It's a shame it's bimonthly... although in saying that, I haven't got around to stitching anything from any of them yet so maybe it's just as well!

Then when I got home from work my Stitching Bits and Bobs order had arrived from the States. I ordered at the end of December, so it was great to finally get it. The charts I bought were -

Signs of Winter - Bent Creek
Peaceful Forest - Bent Creek
Waiting for Santa - Bent Creek
Meow Flipit - Lizzie Kate
Woof Flipit - Lizzie Kate
Herbert - Heart in Hand
In the Arms of an Angel - Lavender & Lace

They also threw in a free chart 'Four Little Hearts' by Indigo Rose, which was very nice! :-)

Most of these have been on my wishlist for ages, so when I saw they were having a sale and with the exchange rate being quite favourable to me at the moment I ordered up large.

Hope I'll figure out how to add photos to my blog.

Cheerio for now